TabNavigator 1.0.3

Enhanced Ctrl-Tab navigation for Firefox


  • Preview the tab's content when switching between them
  • Choose between thumbnail or icon
  • Customization options


  • Interface is not very polished

Not bad

The Ctrl-Tab combination is a quite handy to move around tabs in Firefox. Too bad it doesn't actually show the contents of the tab you're about to switch to.

TabNavigator is a simple Firefox extension that improves the browser's embedded Ctrl-Tab functionality to switch between tabs. Now, instead of just moving to the next tab without knowing exactly what you'll find – especially if you've opened a dozen of them – you will be able to preview their content before switching.

TabNavigator doesn't take over the original Ctrl-Tab combination, though you can configure its customizable hotkey to match it. You can also choose between displaying the tab's content in a thumbnail or just an icon for each tab you have on your browser.

That said, the truth is I expected TabNavigator to be nicer in appearance. The tab menu still looks a bit rough around the edges and if you choose the large icon size, they're way too pixelated. Then again, this is just an experimental release so let's hope future versions will fix those issues.

TabNavigator improves the Ctrl-Tab functionality in Firefox and lets you switch between tabs by their icons or a thumbnail of their content.



TabNavigator 1.0.3

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